Custom Shaders in Unity 3D

In addition to AI, one aspect of Unity 3D that I'm trying to master is custom shader creation. Here are some examples of my first shaders. In my examples, I created a simple shader (w/o properties). In the photos which that shader is applied, the warrior model appears in all white. 

On top of the simple shader, I created a Texture/Bump Map shader, a Specular Shader (applied to armor), an Emission Shader (applied to the sword radiating a molten glow), and an Alpha Shader (applied to the Warrior's hair & fur trim).  You can find the code to all of the shaders in my github

I still have a ways to go mastering shaders, but I have a good beginning. I will probably need a lot of time to pore over Unity's Shader Reference documentation.

Later on, I would like to create some Toon Shaders. So, that will come in time.