Unity 3D Mecanim & AI Tutorial This Week (or Next)

Over the past few weeks, I've received several private messages from Youtube users that stumbled across my Unity 3D Character Controller & Animation (Legacy) tutorial - either for help with regards to that tutorial or asking why I have not posted new tutorials. For awhile I've felt that Youtube was spoiled by a wealth of tutorials with regards to Unity 3D. So, I did not see a point in tossing my name into the hat.  Due to these messages, I've changed my mind. I will put out more tutorials (Unity 3D, Maya, After Effects, etc) from this point forward and see if I can be of help to others.

The first tutorial that I am working on will cover retargeting an animation utilizing Mecanim on a character model with no animations. The second tutorial will cover using the Rain AI  from Rival Theory on these newly animated characters in an attempt to set up characters that are doing security/surveillance on a small lake compound. Below is the compound (still in progress). I will update this post as I get closer in completing the tutorials.